• In accordance with Consumer Protection Law, consumers have the right to enjoy 7-day appreciation period (including holidays). Please notice that appreciation period is defined as “CONSIDERATION PERIOD”, not “TRIAL PERIOD”. It cannot be returned if the product is unpacked, used or unable to be sold again.

  • If the product is defective or in wrong size, exchanges same product is acceptable. Please maintain complete packaging of the product within 7 days and inform our customer service with missing or damaged pictures of the products. We will assist with the problem as soon as possible.

  • Definition of defect: A large-scale damage or dirt of the products or serious skewed cutting that affect the use of products. Small thread, micro-dot, size range within ±5% or wrinkles appear between transportation are normal circumstances. These do not belong to defect. *Hyphy reserves the right on interpretation of defect.

  • Returned products must be in a good condition and packaged intact. (Please maintain the integrity of returned products, invoices, accessories, tags, packaging and giveaway.)

  • Returned products must be in a good condition and can be sold again. (No stain, no washing, no alteration)

  • Please return all the packaging such as zipper bag or carton intact with the products. If it is damaged or lost, it cannot be returned. Please avoid the above matters that might affect your rights to return.

  • The product will be back to its original price if your returned products belongs to special promotional set.

  • Discount and giveaway need to be returned if you do not reach specified standard after returning.

  • Shipping fee will be charged if you do not reach free shipping standard after returning.

  • The 7-day appreciation period is not applicable to the following situations: stains, abrasion, odor and incomplete accessories.

  • Personal products cannot be returned after unpacked. Such as skin care products or socks etc.

  • Size range within 2cm or small thread are acceptable in Inspection Standards, and do not considered defects.

  • There might be slightly different in colors due to computer resolution.


Please notice that returns will not be accepted in the following cases:

  • Over 7-day appreciation period.

  • Incomplete accessories or the tag has been removed. (All the packaging and accessories must be returned with the products)

  • Obvious use, washing, damages, or dirt marks are not acceptable.

  • Skin care products, socks, or massage balls belong to personal hygienic products. No return after unpacked.

  • No return on overseas shipping.

  • Return Instructions:

  • Please log into your account, and inform our customer service with “recipient’s name”, “product photo” and reason for return. Please also provide your delivery address and contact number. If the product is defectives, please provide photos. We will process the refund procedure or exchange the returned product after confirmation. Please keep the packaging intact.

  • If your return relates to personal preference or size problem, you will need to ship the product back to designated address.

  • Please return the products in its original packaging or carton with shipping note.

  • Once the return process confirmed, please ensure your contact number is available. Hyphy will also sends out email reminders, please reconfirm that your contact number is correct.


Refund Instructions:
  • When your return process confirmed, we will issue a refund within 7 working days after receiving the returned products.

  • Credit card payment refund will be issued; ATM payment transaction will be canceled. Each bank’s refund specifications differ, please contact your card-issuing bank for exact refund time.